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Feeling Hopeless

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November 23, 2020
Reflections at 40
November 24, 2020

Feeling Hopeless
I feel like the more I push for greatness.
The more I get slapped in the face and it just goes the other way.
I just don't get it.
Got pregnant at 26, had my child cause once a child is created it’s a life.
I was told my education was limited because I had a learning delay.
I am that person that pushes the line and fights for what I want.
I feel like this is going to take forever to have a normal life.
I have friends that have gone to college, worked, saved, moved back home, moved out, on their own.
I feel like me and my child are never going anywhere on our own.
I strive for better.
I work.
I still go to college.
I don't wanna live in Section 8 housing cause it's a 2-year wait.
I have been single for 5 years and a born-again Christian now for 2 years.
I am glad and mad about it.
I feel like I will never love again.
Will I ever get married and give my child a sibling?
Lord, please show me your face!
I have promised to share this testimony I call a 2nd chance at life with all your people.

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