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On the right side of the hospital walls

Red Lipstick
June 7, 2019
Daniella with very bad tooth problems
Letter to Dr. Bullock
November 23, 2020

My goal has been to be on the other side of the hospital walls - on the outside looking in.

I t’s a whole new world, I never thought I would be back at a mental unit. I have to say it was overwhelming when the door clanged behind me. Then I had to realize that I wasn’t staying there, I was walking out.

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I’m not better than the people in there. I just have chosen to live and I figured out how to not let the label of my mental illness be the death of me. I let people in. I let the doctors in and I let them figure out what medication works for me.


I let my family know how I was planning to live and how I needed their help to be a healthy me. I found meetings. I found healthy ways to love and laugh in my life.

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To my readers having a bad day... you can do the same! I’ll help you! I can’t wait to be a peer advocate to help others live.

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