Prayer from a Discouraged Heart

Do not judge, or you too will be judged.
August 11, 2021
jumping from ledge to ground
Catch me Lord
April 4, 2022

Dear God…

Ugh, grief is real.

Being scared of emotions leads to self-sabotage.

So sick of being misunderstood.

Other stuff stressing me.

Have to get surgery for my cyst and fibroids.

Lack of support.

Well, at least I learned a lesson.

Sick of being only one on my team. 

I understand God has my back.

Lack of human support sucks.

Tired of fake people and doing for others.

Can’t believe people don’t own up to hurting you.

Instead turning things around to make it look like you did something.

I pray for people who hurt people and can’t own it.

No one has me or my son’s back but my mom.

I raised J on my own.

No help from a man. 

No active Godparents.


I am thankful he’s a good kid.

God tells us to make amends and be kind to your neighbor and right our wrongs.

If you have an issue with someone, go to them.

I have, but it hurts when no one comes to me to right their wrong. 

I am tired of trusting others then getting hurt. 

This world still has not changed since the pandemic.

People still are selfish.

God I am so glad you gave me a loving heart.

Help me protect my heart more.

And to work on never self-sabotaging when I’m scared again.

To trust the right people.

The people you have for me.


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