Catch me Lord

Prayer from a Discouraged Heart
December 13, 2021
What’s Next?
May 30, 2023

I pray to God every day. 

I thank him for bringing me through. 

All the times when situations have tripped me up.

I am walking. I am walking the road of life. I understand that God has storms come my way.

I have noticed I make it through His storms.

I am making it through a situation now.

Tries to trip me. 

I say to Him you have given me many gifts.

The gifts of strength, wisdom, loving heart, ability to touch kids, determination, beauty of life.

God has given me Angels – people that come into my life and helped me along the way to never give up. 

Angels that instill wisdom within my soul, as a mother and father that speaks the word of Jesus and He protects me.

Just as a Father should.

I’ve had my share of friends. Some have gone to heaven.

Others lost their way back to me. Others stay close by never to leave. 

All of my angels have built lifelong-lasting-memories that will go on inside me forever.

Some memories are bad, but the good ones outweigh the bad ones.

I always tell God that I am a child of His and I will continue to need Him and grow in His name.

I am not done growing. I need Him every step of the way.

For I am young, strong, beautiful, determined, and I am weak, sad, and struggle. But a child of God and being just that will overpower anything.

Guide me, Lord. All the way. Catch me, Lord. Don’t let me fall to the evilness of the world. No storm has whipped me yet and thank you Lord for keeping me.

Lord thank you for being a part of me. 

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