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From a young age, I have always been able to share my story. It’s like I’ve always known my life experiences were meant to help and bless other people.

My life is my testimony. I believe it's my ministry to give time helping and being the voice for those struggling with their mental health.

Target Audience:

  • People with bipolar and other mental Illness
  • People living with ADHD
  • Parents with an Autistic child
  • Caregivers

    Daniella McLaughlin

    Mental Health Advocate

    Daniella started speaking in order to do what she passionately loves to do; sharing her story and inspiring others.

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    Certifications & Services

    National Alliance on Mental Illness
    National Alliance on Mental Illness
    National Alliance on Mental Illness
    National Alliance on Mental Illness

    NAMI SMARTS Certified

    Support Group Facilitator

    Personal Mentor

    I'm excited to work with you to create the best program for your group.

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    Blessed Daniella shares personal stories and helps others navigate life's storms. Topics include ADD, mental health, living with learning disabilities, and life as a caregiver. Book Blessed Daniella to speak to your group here.

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