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The meaning of dragonfly changes with each culture.

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Living with Bipolar | Mental Health Advocate | Public Speaker | Author | Motivator | Intelligent Human Being | Creative Influencer | Life Long Learner

Motivational speaker who is passionate about helping people Advocate for themselves and Fight Stigma.

I Am The Voice and changing the narrative of the Mentally Healthy Blogger!

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Topics include: Bipolar, Suicide Prevention, Learning Disabilities, Autism, & more...

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Published Author

Her Path
After Her Pain

15 Women and Their Stories of Empathy, Sympathy & Apathy

Stories of 15 Women and their individual paths after their pain. This piece will take you on a journey and offer advice if you can relate to the lives and situations that Cynthia Marcano, Kamitra Winborne, D.K. Jones, Ego Angel Benson- Nwobum, Cynthia Jackson, Inidan Spice, Rebecca Arriaga, Elle Vintage, Daniella M. Mclaughlin, Tanoa Bettis, Tiara Howard, Aftan Walls, Goldie Blocker, and Kenisha L. Coley have faced and overcame!

ADHD Awareness

My Why

Together, we can change the negative narrative of mental illness to one of hope and healing.

Blessed Daniella was created to help people who've been diagnosed find their voice, and be able to advocate for themselves.  As we navigate the stigma that comes with their diagnosis, I want to teach people the positive facts about illness and help them understand they have a life to live and they can do so.

My intention is to serve as an advocate for parents, children, families and friends and to provide helpful tools and real-life experiences that will let you know you are not alone.

As a single-mother, living with ADHD and bipolar, born deaf in the left ear, suffering from almost permanent physical disability, and having learning disabilities, I know about the stigma that comes with these diagnoses. I wholeheartedly understand mental health. 

Whether you have been given a diagnosis or love someone with a mental health challenge, know that help is here.

Why am I so willing to be transparent with my journey? It is because I believe silence perpetuates myths and misconceptions. It is my purpose to dispel the darkness and bring clarity to chaos. 

My Blessed Life Blog

I am blessed to be a character in God's story.